You Moved to iManage Cloud, Now What?
Migrating to an advanced DMS in the cloud like iManage Work 10, is a significant move for any organization. However, this transition is not just about installing new software; it involves a series of strategic changes and adaptations. Let’s take a look at the challenges you might face during this migration and how GDSI’s software solutions can facilitate a seamless transition.

Understanding the Challenges

Custom Applications Compatibility

  • Challenge: Your existing custom applications are tailored for the on-premises iManage SQL tables.
  • Solution: GDSI can assist in rebuilding your custom applications to be compatible with the latest iManage REST API.

Inadequate Reporting Mechanisms

  • Challenge: The absence of efficient reporting on Workspaces, Folders, Documents, and Lookup information in the new system.
  • Solution: GDSI’s DMSync for iManage exposes all data on Workspaces, Folders, and Documents. This data can be used for all forms of reporting on the iManage data.

Document Organization Visibility

  • Challenge: Difficulty in tracking documents stored in specific folders of Workspaces. Another challenge is determining which folders are truly used in a Workspace.
  • Solution: DMSync facilitates synchronization to understand and manage the mapping between folders and documents.

Lack of Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Challenge: No established Disaster Recovery plan for Cloud metadata and Documents.
  • Solution: DMSync offers the capability to perform a backup of all documents locally, ensuring data safety.

Security Management Issues

  • Challenge: Difficult to understand and manage the security applied to Workspaces, Folders, and Documents.
  • Solution: Our tools like Check-in, Refile, Folder Ownership, Workspace and Document Profile Updaters, and Security Updater apps are available to handle everyday helpdesk needs, ensuring smooth operation and security management.

End of Life for DeskSite and FileSite

  • Challenge: With DeskSite and FileSite reaching end of life, there’s a need to transition to Work 10 Desktop and move away from integrations relying solely on the old COM API.
  • Solution: Designed with the REST API, GDSI’s tools communicate directly with on-prem Work 10 and the Cloud for efficient data transfer and management.

The upgrade to iManage Work 10 is a significant leap forward in document management technology. However, it comes with its set of challenges. By understanding these challenges and implementing GDSI’s tailored solutions, your company can ensure a smooth and efficient transition to iManage Work 10.

Embrace the change with the right tools and strategies, contact us to learn more.