The easiest, most versatile Workspace Generator Tool

WSToolkit for iManage automates the process of creating workspaces to better coincide with your matters or projects based on a template within your iManage database.

WSToolkit for iManage

Creating workspaces and managing matters in iManage is an inefficient and complicated process without the right tools in place. Professional services need a powerful, yet simple solution that doesn’t require expensive consultants and high installation costs.

System Requirements

  • A local, on-premises Windows
    10, 11, 2019, 2022 installation
  • A local SQL server

GDSI has made workspace generation and matter management as easy as possible to set up and maintain.

Features + Benefits

Create an unlimited number of cloud-based workspaces

Sync data directly from your accounting system or client/matter source

Import custom lookup fields

Identify changed client and matter names

Utilizes native iManage templates

Get the most out of iManage with GDSI

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Save your Workspaces, folders, and documents in bulk for immediate use offline.


Sync and access your iManage profile metadata to create SQL reports, use custom applications, and analyze content.

Content Move

Move content from one Workspace to another Workspace within the same library as well as among two different libraries.

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