The easiest way to change a folder structure for an existing Workspace

Workspace Modification for iManage solves the common challenge of having to update to the correct Workspace Template.

Workspace Modification for iManage

We have all been there, accounting defines a Workspace Template for a given Matter, only to later realize the wrong Template was chosen. If too much time has occurred, there will be documents stored in the folders of these Workspaces. This makes it difficult to move to the new Workspace with the corrected Template.

Firms need a smart and simple solution that doesn’t require the extra work of deleting the current Workspace and performing manual document moves. GDSI has made Workspace modification tasks as easy as possible to address this issue.

System Requirements

  • Windows IIS Server –
    2016, 2019, 2022
  • MS SQL Server 2019-2022

Eliminate the difficult and time-consuming process of fixing an incorrect Workspace Template

Features + Benefits

Web-based application, stored internally at the firm

Simple to use – just choose the new Template, the existing Workspace, and go!

Adds Folders from the new Template not found in the existing Workspace

Option to remove empty folders not used in the current Workspace

If using WS Toolkit’s Workspace Generator application, users can view the status of Workspace Management

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