The most comprehensive set of tools for iManage to solve the most common user tasks

User Suite for iManage makes it easy for users to handle simple iManage tasks.
GDSI provides the tools required for users to handle everyday tasks without the help of  IT.

GDSI User Suite

Trash Bin

All users can now add documents to the trash bin, regardless of author or operator. 

Folder Rename

Any user can rename a folder, regardless of ownership.

New Folder

Users can add folders, named as they wish, to any level in a Workspace tree. 

Get tasks done quickly without the help of IT
User Suite enables users to perform everyday iManage tasks on their own.

System Requirements

  • On premises iManage 10.4.x or newer
  • iManage.Work
  • IIS Server 2019-2022
  • SQL Server 2019-2022

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