The easiest way to move to the cloud 

The simplest importer for iManage to support the lift from on-premises iManage and upload the entire repository to the cloud.

Lift and Shift for iManage

GDSI’s professional services team will handle all imports regardless of size. GDSI will assist the firm with their initial sample imports, provide mapping support for new values if needed, and imports. GDSI will work under any consulting group or work directly with the Firm.

System Requirements

  • SQL Server
  • Supported on-premises versions are:
    8.x, 9.x, and 10.x
GDSI rents the tool for a flat fee, regardless of size of document imports

Features + Benefits

Migrates Workspaces, Folders, Documents, My Matters, My Favorites, Declare as Record documents, Custom Fields, History, and Security
Set the initial Doc Number for going forward after migration or testing during migration
Uses the latest iManage Sync APIs for incredible performance
Rollback feature so we can rollback a Workspace, Folder, or Document import
Support for multiple iManage libraries

Get the most out of iManage with GDSI

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