The most comprehensive set of tools to handle everyday helpdesk needs

Helpdesk Suite for iManage solves operations and security management challenges.

 GDSI provides the tools required to handle everyday helpdesk needs, ensuring smooth operation and security management.

GDSI Helpdesk Suite


Integrated into the Work 10 Web Client, choose to push security and profile metadata down from a folder to subfolders and documents. 

*Requires IIS Server

Security Updater

This windows application updates the ACL security for folders and documents.

*Requires SQL Server


This web application allows users with non-elevated rights to check in documents that are checked out by other users.

*Requires IIS Server

Workspace Updater

This windows application, updates Workspace profile metadata in bulk. 

*Requires SQL Server

Change Owner

Integrated with Work 10 Web Client, change folder ownership from any account to another account. 

*Requires IIS Server

Document Updater

This windows application, updates Document profile metadata in bulk. 

*Requires SQL Server

Improve operations and reduce security concerns
Helpdesk Suite enables the Help Desk to perform user operations on behalf of an administrative account.

System Requirements

  • iManage 10.4.x or newer
  • iManage.Work
  • IIS Server
  • SQL Server

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