Found a Problem, Came up with a Solution

One of the most significant frustrations of owning a small software business in any industry, but especially in legal, is not having the reach of larger software companies.

GDSI has experience developing software. Beyond supporting our clients, we build new products for all sizes of law firms. As you might imagine, we invest serious time and money in developing exciting solutions to address the challenges our clients face. Once we see results, we can’t wait to tell the world about our products!

Historically, it has been frustrating that the only way to announce these products was by leveraging expensive and traditional marketing methods.

With our infamous dedication to improving our clients’ technology solutions, we were not to be deterred! We knocked on the door (of course we did this virtually to adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines) of every consultant in small law and introduced or re-introduced ourselves and shared demos of our new products. This personalized outreach has always been a very successful approach for GDSI. But as you can imagine, this process consumes a tremendous amount of time and energy.

Like so many other solution providers, we invest heavily in LinkedIn and Google AdWords. But there really isn’t a budget-friendly place to advertise ourselves where law firms, vendors, and consultants can visit to find us and learn about the products and solutions we provide. Nor is there a single repository of information where a busy executive can go for relevant, timely, and industry-specific information.

Traditionally, companies like GDSI would attend conferences to showcase our new products and services and learn about the latest developments in our field. Since COVID-19, we’ve been living in a world where the majority of conferences have been cancelled or gone virtual. In-person conferences provided us invaluable opportunities to network.

Over the years, I’ve engaged in countless conversations wishing aloud for one dedicated site for law firms and solutions providers where every company that works in legal technology could showcase their products and services – one central hub that would provide an informative and timely repository of cultivated data. One epicenter where we can all communicate with one another on important technology solutions specific to our market. Finally, I grew tired of wishing and went into action.

With a goal to address this knowledge gap, I’m proud to announce we are completing the development of a new platform – a community for everyone in legal to connect with, learn from, and engage beyond their current networks. Site navigation is intuitive, providing relevant and timely educational content—in real-time. This content curation is designed as the single source to align legal experts, information, and resources. This site will serve as both a promotional platform and an educational platform for all things legal technology.

I am excited to share that development is in its final stages and I will be sharing updates in the days to come. Stay tuned and be ready to be wowed by a new platform that offers a single source for law firms, solution providers, and thought leaders to connect, learn, and engage.



GDSI has been delivering custom software solutions to law firms, legal software companies, and professional services firms for over 25 years. We are a software design studio delivering creative solutions to the business challenges inherent in legal operations. Our frequent, relevant communications ensure clients are always informed. From research and analysis to design and implementation, our judicious approach drives sustainable results. We’re about details done right. For more insights on custom software development, follow me on LinkedIn or email me at