The easiest way to export folders, documents, and Workspace content

GDSI’s Exporters for iManage saves all your content in one location for immediate use whether in the office or on the go.

Exporters for iManage

GDSI has solved the challenge of bulk exporting in Work 10 with our Workspace, Folder, and Document Exporter tools. Users of Work 10 require exports for upcoming client meetings, court dates, meetings, or simply a departing user. GDSI has made the process of bulk exporting of content quick, easy, and affordable.

System Requirements

  • iManage Work 10.4 or newer
    Web, iManage.Work, CloudiManage
  • Microsoft IIS Server
    Windows 2016-2022
  • Microsoft SQL Server
The easiest way to export folders, documents, and Workspace content

Features + Benefits

Exports a CSV file with all metadata
Exports documents to a Windows network share
Ability to convert all files to PDFs and merge together
Content filters can be used for dates, app types, and authors
Support for mass exports of Workspaces, for administrators only

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