The fastest way to move content from one Workspace to another and from one library to another

Content Move for iManage makes it easy to move content from one Workspace to another Workspace within the same library as well as among two different libraries.

Content Move for iManage

Moving content from one Workspace to another can be tedious and time-consuming. GDSI solves this challenge by automating the task. Instead of moving documents and folders one by one, you can move items between Workspaces of a single library or multiple libraries in bulk.

System Requirements

  • iManage Work 10.4 or newer
    Web, iManage.Work, CloudiManage
  • Microsoft IIS Server
    Windows 2016-2022
  • Microsoft SQL Server

Spend less time doing the tedious work of manually moving content to different Workspaces

Features + Benefits

Move content between Workspaces of the same library

Move content to a separate library

Map folders from source to destination

Option to delete Workspaces and Folders after content is moved

Review number of documents to be migrated and which documents are checked out at time of migration

Get the most out of iManage with GDSI

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