The easiest way to delete content

Content Deleter Suite for iManage makes it easy to delete Workspaces, documents, and files. 

Content Deleter Suite for iManage

If you have data that is no longer required, whether it’s expired, a closed matter, a testing folder, or an internal governance document, we got you covered. GDSI provides a simple and easy way to delete these items with minimal effort, using three separate modules – Workspaces, Folders, and Documents.

System Requirements

  • iManage Work 10.4 or newer
    Web, iManage.Work, CloudiManage
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2019-2022

Spend less time deleting content 

Features + Benefits

Remove all Folders and Documents from a given Workspace

Remove all Subfolders and Documents from a given Parent Folder

Remove Documents in bulk

Remove Workspaces in bulk that meet a Closed Matter 

Schedule routine deletions based on business logic 

Get the most out of iManage with GDSI

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